Use Driver Fetch to update your system's drivers

Auto-detect devices

Driver Fetch scans your entire computer for unique information about your system's hardware. It pulls special identifiers from your PC that allow it to recommend official, compatible drivers for each device.

The hardware scanning engine checks your entire computer, including external peripherals (both attached and unattached), before making its report.

Huge database

The driver database behind Driver Fetch lets the software match your PC against millions of possible driver recommendations. Driver Fetch will recommend drivers for your PC that are newer, more stable, and fully compatible with your hardware.

The database is updated regularly when hardware vendors release new drivers.

No Internet required

Driver Fetch is the only driver updater to feature the Exporter for updating computers with no Internet connection. It's simple to scan an offline computer and take the results to an online computer where you can download the drivers.

This is just one of the ways that Driver Fetch works harder to get you the drivers you need.

Driver Fetch: A simpler way to update drivers

Driver Fetch updates:

  • External devices (printers, scanners)
  • Portable devices (cameras, webcams)
  • System devices (chipsets)
  • Multimedia devices (video cards, sound cards)
  • Display devices (monitors, projectors)
  • Network devices (Ethernet, WiFi)

Is your hardware not functioning the way you want?

Too often, perfectly good hardware is rendered useless by the lack of good drivers. You might have installed Vista on your PC, and now your printer doesn't work - or maybe you're trying to downgrade your laptop to XP and you can't find the right wireless drivers. These are the types of problems that Driver Fetch was purpose-built to solve.

Driver Fetch fixes your computer's hardware.

Driver Fetch detects both non-functional hardware and hardware that doesn't have the latest manufacturer drivers, and lets you download the updates you need. Using Driver Fetch to get new drivers lets you unlock new stability and features from your hardware, as well as connect new devices.

How does Driver Fetch stack up against the competition?


Driver Fetch

The Competition

Driver update scanner Correctly identifies 100% of your hardware. Inspects all devices, including disconnected peripherals. Occasionally misses hardware; may have difficulty scanning external devices.
Driver update database Regularly-upgraded database based on official releases from all major hardware vendors. May not be regularly updated; missing some vendors.
Support for offline computers Features the Driver Fetch Exporter, proprietary technology for updating drivers on offline computer. Unique to Driver Fetch. No support for offline computers.
Driver download mirroring Complete mirroring of all driver downloads to give you the fastest possible driver download. Unique to Driver Fetch. May "hotlink" to other sources, degrading reliability and speed.
Technical support Expert technicians are standing by to help you use Driver Fetch and install any necessary drivers. Support level depends on the company.
Computer compatibility Tested fully compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 - including 64-bit editions. Compatible with 32-bit Windows; rarely compatible with 64-bit Windows.

Download Driver Fetch and update your drivers!


Compatible driver updates are just a few clicks away.

Before you spend any more time hunting manually for the right drivers for your PC, scan it with Driver Fetch. Driver Fetch will analyze your computer for driver updates in just 2 minutes - and it could save you hours.

Driver Fetch is guaranteed to not contain malware, spyware, or viruses.

Our software is guaranteed clean of malicious software. We promise to always keep our software free from malware and viruses so that you can safely update your drivers.